'Intelligent shoe' ready for diabetes patients

'Intelligent shoe' ready for diabetes patients

New Jersey: It is very important for diabetics to take special care of their feet, as the wounds inflicted on them can be very difficult to cure and sometimes even worse, and they have to be amputated. As a result, the diabetes patient dies within a few years. For this reason, diabetes emphasizes the importance of avoiding foot injuries.

In keeping with this aspect, Lynn Lee, a PhD student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, has created a company called Bonobotan, which has developed a shoe-mounted "intelligent electric lock" (Smart Electric Civil), which Can also be placed inside normal shoes.

It has strong sensors made from graphene. These sensors keep track of the pressure at various locations on the soles of the toe and watch its temperature change. As soon as the data shows that some kind of inflammation or internal irritation is aggravating, the blue tooth in it immediately sends the information to the patient's smartphone through an app.

Also, the app tells you what precautions you should take. On the other hand, the smart shoe of the shoe also informs your doctors and loved ones that the chances of getting a foot injury have increased.

Civil has small and thin batteries that can power the entire system for four consecutive months. The company is offering all services for $ 25 or $ 50 a month, including app, civil repair and battery supplies.

It should be noted that earlier German and American companies have made similar smart shoes and civil. A San Francisco company has also developed electric slippers for diabetics that are now on sale.