I want to serve religion using my fame and name, Hamza Ali Abbasi

I want to serve religion using my fame and name, Hamza Ali Abbasi

I want to serve religion using my fame and name, Hamza Ali Abbasi

Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi says he wants to serve religion by using his fame, popularity and name.In a recent interview with Vice America, Hamza Ali Abbasi openly talked about quitting acting and adopting religion and informed about his future plans.

 The host asked Hamza Ali Abbasi that on social media where his decision is being praised, some people are criticizing that you have done all this for cheap fame.

On the host's question, Hamza Ali Abbasi laughed, saying that if I wanted publicity, the best medium I could think of was acting and if I did all this for publicity, I would be a fool. Later on, Hamza Ali Abbasi said that during his acting career he was awarded with a lot of fame and all his projects proved to be superstars, so he had the reputation already.

Hamza Ali Abbasi said, "I will not blame those who think of me as such, but I hope over time they realize that I have not chosen this path for publicity." The purpose of adopting the path of religion was that I have realized that after death, every human being has an answer, after which there is a world that remains forever. "I haven't slept properly for the last two and a half years, thinking that I will have an answer in the future," he said.

The question posed by the host is why you adopted the path of preaching for the service of religion, to which Hamza said that it is the duty of every human being to serve humanity and that the first requirement of Islam is to serve the creatures. And I have always served humanity and will continue to do so. And wherever I can use my name, my reputation, I will use it to serve religion.

Hamza Ali Abbasi said that people always go out to preach and say that Islam is spreading but I realized that there are problems inside our house that are too dangerous to talk about. People in our country love Islam and Hazrat Muhammad and are always ready to give their lives for religion. But unfortunately there are some elements in our country that use these emotions to mislead people. Therefore, there is a need for people in our country to guide people about religion.

Hamza Ali Abbasi said, "Many people say that because of my views, your life will not be long, on which I say that there will be no greater happiness than to speak of Allah and drive him out of the world." You say martyrdom. That is why I chose this path because people in our country think through emotions rather than intellect so I will spread awareness among people using the honor God has given me. I took this path to answer the questions asked about the service of humanity and the religion of the people, and perhaps this will give me some satisfaction in the hereafter.

In a past tweet on "May Two", Hamza Ali Abbasi said that in our religion men are commanded to keep their eyes low, women should be ashamed of their eyes no matter how they are dressed. Keep your eyes low.

At the end of the interview, Hamza Ali Abbasi said that religion is the name of a message that death is not the end of life. Rather, eternal life begins after that and my role is just to spread it as much as I can. Secondly, I can try to answer the questions of our younger generation who are moving towards Latinos, and thirdly, I think about the misconceptions that have come about religion in our society.

Hamza Ali Abbasi said the movie drama, painting is not haram, it is forbidden fornication, in the past I worked on the movie "Youth Again" which involved this thing and for which I apologize. I did not stop acting because it was forbidden, but because people took me seriously as a religious activist. Hamza Ali Abbasi added that he will direct the drama and film in the future and will serve Islam as much as he can through this medium.