Homeless artist painting with plants, clay and natural colors

Kerala: An indigenous artist in India owns potable capabilities and makes large painting and coral on walls and buildings with coal, natural colors, plant ingredients and soil etc.

This person dressed in milk scarves and fair clothes remains on the streets of Kolum and people call him the name of Rajju, which is not his real name. However, this is a fun practice artist who has been helping citizens from their art for the past eight years. He has made wonderful paintings and scenes on many walls and buildings. It uses the leaves as brush and uses the ingredients of the plants, the coal and the pig as color.

People do not want to know about the background and life of Raja but whenever a new work starts, people gather around it. Although he does not use modern goods, his artworks are less than a masterpiece, and after completing the people are surprised to see him.

Raise grind different colored leaves on the ground, making different colors and mixes soil with its hands, making brown and black colors. The bag also has blue, yellow and red colors that are natural colors. After that, Raja begins his work and elegates the walls with the creative power of the mind.

Raja made the first painting in 2011 and it is said that his mental balance was not correct and he left on his own one and stayed on the footpath. However, something similar to it has come to know.