HIV cases increase 13% in pakistan records

HIV cases increase 13% in pakistan records

KARACHI: The annual report of the World HIV / AIDS Organization (UAE AIDS) has revealed that the number of HIV-infected people in Pakistan has increased by 13 per cent, the highest rate worldwide.

According to a UN report, the number of HIV AIDS patients in Pakistan currently stands at one million 60 thousand. That number was 100,000 in 2005 and 67,000 in 2010.

The report also revealed that 9 years ago, the number of HIV and AIDS patients under 14 years in Pakistan was 1800, which increased to 4000 in 2015 and the number reached 5500 in 2018. In 2010, the number of female patients aged 15 or over was 19000, reaching 37000 in 2015 and 48000 in 2018.

The report shows the prevalence of AIDS in addicts through syringes is 21%, while in homosexuals the rate is 3.7%, in transgender people 5.5% and in those involved in prostitution, 3.8%.

The report says that deaths from AIDS disease worldwide have dropped by 33 percent, a third of those deaths last year. With this fatal disease, over 8 million people died in 2017. At present, 33 million people are infected with HIV worldwide, of which 30 million have access to antiretroviral therapy to some extent.

The report describes the situation in Asia and the Pacific as 5.9 million people suffer from HIV AIDS while 3.2 million people are undergoing antiretroviral therapy. According to statistics, 310,000 people were infected with HIV / AIDS and 200,000 died due to HIV / AIDS.

The report said that 59% of people have information about their HIV / AIDS while 56% of pregnant women are undergoing antiviral treatment. New HIV / AIDS cases have decreased by 9% since 2010. In 2018, 200,000 people were killed due to HIV / AIDS, while in 2010 270,000 people were killed. The HIV / AIDS epidemic exists among certain people, including male homosexuals.

AIDS is a deadly disease that has to be practiced in an Islamic way of life, but the ultimate cure for this disease has not been discovered, but some drugs, such as the DNA vaccine trial, have been successful but are still under investigation and experimental stages. According to the United Nations and World Health Organization data, the deadly AIDS deaths in 1981 killed 2 million people.

In 2005 alone, there were 24 million to 33 million rumors of AIDS, of which 500 million were children. About one-third of these deaths occurred in the Saharan African region, affecting every sector, from economics to the workforce. Immune therapy (antiretroviral therapy) is helpful, but access to these drugs is not possible in all countries.

There has long been a misconception about AIDS patients worldwide, which has led to them being discriminated against. In 2016, 20% of people in the UK were convinced that HIV AIDS was spread to the salivary and infected patient's skin, but the opposite was true, the HIV AIDS virus was infected with blood or contaminated syringes or sexually transmitted infections. Move from one to the other.

Meanwhile, according to data released by the National AIDS Control Program, 0.165 million people are HIV-infected in Pakistan, of them 26,854 are registered, of which 18,612 are undergoing anti-viral therapy, according to National AIDS Control. The number of addicts is 5851, after reports of the outbreak of HIV-infected people in Larkana from April 25, the AIDS control program screened 34,100 people, out of which 1,130 patients were confirmed HIV-infected, including 829 children. There are 201 adults The Tai.

It may be recalled that the first HIV virus patient in Pakistan came out in 1987. Since then the number of patients in Pakistan has been steadily increasing, which is very alarming. The reason is that the virus enters the human body through contaminated syringes, contaminated lining, contaminated needles, sexually transmitted diseases, homosexuality, after which the patient becomes infected, the virus survives in the blood and Blood comes into contact with human blood or moisture, after which the human's body invades the immune system and destroys the human immune system.