The head of the Brazilian gang escapes from prison to a woman's style

Rio de Janeiro: An ordinary offender in Brazil tries to escape in disguise by stopping the incoming daughter in prison, but her intelligence does not work for her and she is out of jail. Stopped before departure.

The renowned gang leader Clavino de Silva was in prison for a long time and his daughter came to visit him. One day when her daughter came to the meeting she brought with her a girl's clothes, a mask similar to her own face and a long hair wig.

As per the plan, the 19-year-old girl of the accused had to be kept in jail and had to move her father out of jail. Although everything went under the plan, Clawino was caught despite the cunning.

Clavino, nicknamed 'Choto', dressed his daughter, put on a mask and walked out the bar wearing a wig. Prison officials, however, noticed that he seemed to be ignoring others. He was later stopped by the Garcinos Prison Administration west of Rio de Janeiro and arrested when the identity appeared.

Her 19-year-old daughter, on the other hand, remains in jail and is now being investigated further. Police have also released video and photos of the recently convicted criminal. A silicon mask, a pink T-shirt with a cartoon and a wig of dark long hair can be seen in the picture.

Clavino de Silva is a member of the Red Command, Brazil's most dangerous gang, and his group is involved in drugs and other crimes in much of the city. However, they have now been put under more strict security and disciplinary action is being considered against them.