Green Tea increas the effectiveness of Antibiotics,Research

Green Tea increas the effectiveness of Antibiotics,Research

London: Another benefit of the numerous benefits of green tea has been that its use enhances the effects of antibiotics and fights against germs that are rapidly degrading every drug.Our medicines are becoming increasingly ineffective in the face of infections worldwide, known as antibiotics. A clear example of this is TB disease in Pakistan and India, on which several types of treatments have failed and patients are in severe distress.

A recent study has found that a natural compound containing green tea can increase the effectiveness of epiglocatechin antibiotics. This research was carried out by scientists at the University of Surrey School of Veterinary Medicine in the UK.
Experts first chose a particular germ called 'sodomonas aeruginosa' to try green tea.

This nasty terrorist causes a lot of pain to humans and causes severe infections of the skin, blood, breath and urinary tract. It is now the case that it has completely neutralized many drugs. To combat this, the doctor gives several medications together with the patient, but it still takes a long time to finish the infection. This problem is very common in poor and middle income countries.

Epigallocatechin compounds in green tea have previously been found to be useful in relieving internal inflammation and joint pain. Experts extracted this mixture from green tea and used it with a drug called eztroneum. When tested in the laboratory, it reduced the bacterial resistance significantly but in the next phase only the drug was tested, the germs proved to be stubborn and failed the drug.

In the United States alone, every year, two million people are infected with infections that have become severe in the face of all the drugs we have. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 23,000 people are dying each year from this.

That's why experts say that green tea can increase the effectiveness of antibiotics; however, more research is needed in this regard.