Google Pixel 4 release this month , price more than iPhone 11

Google Pixel 4 release this month , price more than iPhone 11

New York: Google Four has announced that it will be offering its new smartphone for sale by mid-October, but fears it may be more expensive than the iPhone 11.One of the biggest innovations of Google Four is Motion Sensor so far, so you don't have to touch the phone, just shake hands remotely and access the phone's features. The other important feature is 3D Face Lock and Unlock, which means it will be able to see your face and thus be closed.

Earlier, the company had unveiled the secrets of the cameras on its back, but for the first time in any smartphone in the world, Solar Radar motion sensors have been added which are of great importance. In addition, analyst websites and YouTube experts have talked about other features.
Despite all this, what's new is that some information about the price of this phone has been revealed. This shows that the price of Google Fours may be much higher than the iPhone X.

Experts estimate that the price of the Google Pixel Four could start at US $ 900 and the XL 1050 for a simple Pixel Four. The difference between the 64GB and 128GB models varies in price and storage.

If you compare it to the iPhone X, then the iPhone X costs 64 GB for $ 700, 128 GB for $ 750 and 256 GB for $ 850. This is how Google introduced the most expensive phone in the Pixel Four.

More details: Truth and rumor

Pixel Four is launching in New York on October 15, global analysts have said. It will be available in three colors and has a 90Hz display included. The screen size is 5.7 inches full HD as far as the camera is concerned, for the first time Google has installed a multi-sensor camera. There is also an option like DSLR on the camera for which the hardware has to be purchased separately

And now let's mention some rumors that experts have evaluated by design.

Call automatically in case of a fall

In the event of any accident, this phone will sound and vibrate sound. Now if no one closes it, it will automatically call 911 and let them know the location. This feature has been included in the case of a car accident, but it is still speculation.

A great gaming phone

Based on its display, the orange power button and the 90Hz display, it is probably designed to play as a special game. Some bloggers have confirmed this as well.

Two-digit back camera

According to the SlashLakes website, it can have two modern cameras on its back.