Forest fires in Australia ... pollution emissions as 116 countries

Forest fires in Australia ... pollution emissions as 116 countries

Forest fires in Australia ... pollution emissions as 116 countries

Brisbane / Perth: Deadly fires in Australian forests are in no way controlled. Now a recent study has revealed that in the past two months, nearly 400 million (40 million) metric tons of carbon dioxide has been added to groundwater from forest fires in Australia.

Experts say climate change is making this eruption even more serious as the summer season in Australia (which lasts from December to February) is not only getting worse, but also longer. Is growing Rainfall in Australia has also dropped below normal, causing drought in both the land and the land.

This year also set new records for severe heat in Australia, resulting in a forest fire from November 11, 2019, which has spread over time; resulting in 26 million in Australia so far. The forest spread over an acre (20 million) has burned down.
This devastating fire is constantly on the rise, and at present, humans have no technology to quench such a massive fire. However, if torrential rains continue for several hours on this fire, this fire will be extinguished, but currently there is no possibility of such heavy rainfall over such a large area.

To provide a glimpse of the seriousness of the fire in Australia's forests, experts say if the annual carbon emissions from 116 countries around the world are collected on a yearly basis, it will be only two months from Australia. In the future, carbon dioxide emissions will be slightly lower.

Even if the emissions are compared to carbon dioxide emitted by California's forest fires in California in 2018, 9 times more carbon dioxide is emitted than the recent fire in Australia.

Australia's forest fires have also emitted massive carbon dioxide in the past, which was 600 million (60 million) metric tons during 2011 and 2012. However, this emission in the past continued from September 2011 to the end of January 2012, while the current emissions have come in only two months. That is, in terms of its intensity, this emission is much higher than in the past.

Australian forecasters have warned in 2018 that forest fires are becoming dangerously dangerous due to climate change, causing the average temperature to be 1 degree celsius higher than before. ۔ Each year, the intense forest fires have accelerated environmental degradation in Australia, which is of great concern.