The Famous Actor Shahzada Ghafar (Kadu) Exclusive interview

"Kukar Kis Terah Daray O, Chaanay Aan Tolray Aan Tay Chaii Daray Aan". ,Cycle Stand of Shabistan Cinema bring me towards Acting. You always reach where you belong. In the present Scenario you can't watch a movie with your family in Theater. Shahzada Ghafar. 
He said that a person always reach where he belongs. He said " To be honest it wasn't intentional to get into this field". Talking about his personal life he said that after the completion of matriculation he came to Rawalpindi and start working in the cycle stand of Shahbistan Cinema. During which i met many actors including Ismail Shah, Nadra and Raahi Saab. I wasn't excited to meet them at all but due to my value i always meet them with respect. They were all big names and I respect them all very much.

I used to ask them to have cup of tea  and sometimes they used sit with me and have tea. I didn't ask them to do any favor for work. Once i was going on my bicycle on murree road and entered in a bakery. Somebody asked me that some one is asking to meet you outside. When i went out side the person was a famous actor Najib Ullah and i recognized him immediately. I praised him by saying that you are superstar. He said to me that i have a nice personalty and costume. He offered me to do acting. I said if you want than I'll definitely work in serials. He said to me that i have skills to be an actor. He asked to come to his office the next day and i went there. One can say that he is the one who introduce me to the shobiz world that's how it all gets started. He not only introduce me but also mentor me and support me in difficult times. I have done only one serial "Dekh Tamasha" with them and it was a successful serial. Whenever i went to stage a sense of laughter generate by somewhere with in the audience and that was the most motivational thing for me. He said that the stage transform completely what it was used to be a few years before. You can't go to a stage theater with your family, it is so vulgur nowadays. He also added that some of the senior artist has already given their remarks on this topic. He also said that the decline of our theater is just because of vulgur dialogs and dances.

While answering a question he said that you should always give respect to your juniors as well as your seniors. You learn alot from your seniors. It is a truth that no one gives you the skill but you have to take it. I have learnt a lot from Iftakhar Thakur. I lived in Lahore for almost 10 years and i have come back to Rawalpindi and I'm very thankful to Allah for this. If i wasn't been to Lahore i couldn't have learnt so much about acting which is ultimately the base for an actor and it is very important to learn that skill. Iftakhar Thakur and Farooq Qaisar are my teachers, they showed me the way and always stay behind me. I have never made a request for work because i believe if a person have skills then he can made his own space. 

During a question he said that once his teacher said that you should pray regularly because as an actor many people follow you and you should be a perfect example for them from which they could took inspiration and have courage to do work with honesty. Many people come and say that they have seen me praying many times and now they also didn't want to leave the pray. This is thing we all should looking for and i think I'm blessed very much by Allah in this regard he said. These were the wordings of my forefathers which i embraced and now success is on my side. It is all due to Allah and a person is nothing without Gis grace.