Facebook and World Health Organization contract to stop rumors about the vaccine

Facebook and World Health Organization contract to stop rumors about the vaccine

Geneva: In the past, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) and the social media company Facebook have found a partnership agreement under which if anyone receives information about vaccine or vaccination on Facebook or Instagram , It will only see related pages from the World Health Organization.

If the market for propaganda-based, false and baseless news against polio vaccine is hot in Pakistan, then on the other hand, measles has also become infectious in 31 states of America; where 1,200 certified measles patients have been exposed so far.

Research into the causes of the outbreak revealed that despite the measles vaccine being available, a large number of people justified the rumors and base information circulating about it on social media and refused to vaccinate their children.
Medical experts say that if people rely on similar misinformation, false news and rumors, then not only measles, but almost every disease in the world that can be infected, can be infected.

Since the deal, Facebook and Instagram will only display content that is issued by the World Health Organization; and is certified in response to any word search on vaccines and vaccinations.

It is also likely that the World Health Organization would like to partner with Google and other search engines to minimize public access to websites and video channels promoting conspiracy theories about vaccination. The next step is to suggest a complete blocking of such websites and online video channels.