An extra 20.5% increase in Jazz revenue

Islamabad, Pakistan's largest digital communications company Jazz has announced its financial results for the second quarter of 2019. According to the announcement, the company's revenues increased by 20.5% compared to the same period last year.

In addition to the leadership's bold strategy on digital development, a number of other factors have also contributed to this steady growth. Jazz's service revenue growth is due to an increase in the number of data customers during this quarter. More and more people chose Jazz for contact and every third Pakistani is Jazz's customer. Due to double data usage, data output has increased by 58.8%. In addition, the number of subscribers to JazzCash's 30-day active wallet has also increased to 5.7 million. Financial services revenue has increased by 36%. Overall, the first quarter of 2019 is an increase of 7.7% since the first quarter, while the total revenue is Rs 1.9 billion.

This quarterly financial report shows that, compared to the same period last year, the number of customers has increased by 7.2% this year, while the trend of customers on a quarterly quarterly basis shows Jazz's business strategy. Which is the focus of high value customers to improve the new customer mix and benefit from the quality of service network. At the end of the two-quarter quarter of 2019, Jazz's data service was available to over 50% of the country's population, with data coverage in more than 225 cities.

This half-year performance is especially impressive for Jazz's parent company VEON Ltd. The demand for high-quality cellular services is a very important aspect of urban living due to the growing population in Pakistan. As a compulsory enabler instead of a luxury.

These results are very important to Jazz as Jazz has been preparing for its silver jubilee celebrations and has been endorsing the company's market leadership for the past 25 years. By focusing its service on remote and less privileged communities, Jazz has prioritized empowering all Pakistanis, while continuing to perform effectively on the business front.