Every 1 minute, 3 diabetes patients become disabled, clinicians

KARACHI: Three people become crippled as a result of the complications of diabetes every two minutes, says the national and foreign oncologist Diabetes.

Annually three to four million people in Pakistan lose their legs or legs due to the wounds caused by diabetes. Diabetes resulting in the cutting of legs or legs has become the leading cause of disability in Pakistan worldwide. Yes, the prevalence of diabetes in Balochistan has reached 60%; Pakistanis suffering from diabetes can be prevented from having permanent disability by training doctors and raising public awareness.

Addressing the conference on the first day of the two-day International Diabetes Conference held at a local hotel, former Federal Secretary of Health Ayub Shaikh, Vice Chancellor of Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Prof. Bhika Ram, International Diet, addressed the conference. Prof. Dr. Abdul Basit, Chairman of the Middle East and North Africa (Mina) Region, Italy's leading expert Dr. Alberto Ancheni, Tanzanian expert Dr. Zulfiqar G. Abbas, Conference Chairman Dr. Zahid Mian, Prof. Ahmad Saif al-Haq Memon, Professor Bl What was addressed by domestic and foreign experts, including Yunus.
Addressing the inaugural session of the conference, world-renowned diabetes professor Abdul Basit said that despite all the awareness, complications from diabetes are increasing worldwide due to complications in diabetes. It is now the largest cause of permanent disability in the world.

He said that the situation in Pakistan is no different from the rest of the world; in Pakistan every year three to four million people lose their legs and legs due to complications resulting from diabetes, 70% of them are five years old. Dying inside, he added that by training doctors and diabetes patients, his institute's survival institute of diabetes and endocrinology has reduced foot and leg cutting rates by half, now requiring this Is to set up 3,000 clinics all over the country where specialist doctors and paramedical staff Sugar Treat patients by preventing them from cutting their legs and legs.

He revealed that the prevalence of diabetes in Balochistan has gone up by more than 60%, which is one of the major reasons for the poor law and order situation and the lack of sports and recreational activities in the province, he said. There is also a need to research whether the people there are not genetically different from the people of other regions of Pakistan, as a result of which I am developing diabetes.