Due to bad sleep, the body may also reduce the amount of nutrients

Washington: There may be many reasons for sleep shortage or bad sleep and now it has also been included in deficiency of minerals and vitamins.

Experts have said that inadequate or inadequate sleep in women, due to lack of sleep, significant body ingredients and vitamins can also occur in their body. That is why paying attention to food for improvement of sleep is very important.

In the United States, the Health and Neutrality Executive Survey (NHNAES) has analyzed data based on the fact that women should include some important vitamins and ingredients in their diet. The survey found that 47% of those aged 19 years of age acknowledged bad and inadequate sleep, and their diet also showed lack of magnesium, nausea, vitamin D, calcium and fiber (fiber). There was a connection between food shortage and sleep loss.

Research also showed that women are more affected than this condition and they must consider vitamins, essential minerals and other antibiotics in their diet. It has also come to pass that lack of these ingredients is also a cause for sleep, hard sleep and short term sleep.

Although there is a small amount of nutrients in the human body but their effect is very deep. Similarly, the body requires a slight amount of fryad, iodine and vitamin A, but their effects appear in the form of severe diseases.