disadvantages of mobile charging in the vehicle

disadvantages of mobile charging in the vehicle

Usually when we are traveling somewhere distant or getting stuck in traffic we are overuse our mobile phone and in doing so our phone battery drains quickly which causes us to lose our Charge the phone via car battery.

If you are in the same habit, then this habit needs to be removed. As we all know that our phone's charger gives us just as much power as we need to charge the phone but the 'USB port' in the car often provides less power to charge your mobile. Which causes the mobile phone to be unable to charge properly and to be discontinued.

 Brad Nichols, who works as a technician at a small mobile company, says that our phone needs 1 to 3 amperes (Ampere) empires, which can only provide a phone charger if another phone When charged from the USB port of the charger or the vehicle, it can also damage the performance of the smartphone and may also damage the battery of the phone.

Nicholas added that while we were charging a mobile phone while traveling, we must have noticed that our phone was either charging for 30 to 60 minutes, with little or no charge.One of the reasons is that the USB port of the car is giving the phone less power than we need to charge our phone.

 Another reason for this is that the new car's battery provides excessive power to the mobile phone, which can also endanger the phone's battery.If you charge your smartphone in a car that is brand new, then doing so can also damage your car because the battery is powerful because the car is new and the mobile phone is USB. By plugging in the port, the mobile can quickly drain the vehicle's battery.

Also, this is not the case for older vehicles, as batteries are generally not so powerful. If you want to improve the performance of your smartphone and extend the life of your phone, avoid charging a mobile phone in the car.