The dinosaurs were also "wings" before the birds, research

So far it was understood that most dinosaurs used to be almost dirty, while the types of lavish dinosaurs were much less and more. But after analyzing 25 million years of ancient razors (phosphs) that meet China, experts say that there was a good specialty on the body of most of the dinosaurs, including "recycled".

However, experts say that the purpose of these fairies was not to help them fly, but they used to help the dinosaurs save the weather from the hardships. Other aspects of the fair, such as flying, beauty and gender anti-appearance etc. will appear later.

Interestingly, hair follicles (scales) on the bodies of ripples (birds) and birds in the birds are mainly the same, so it is likely that millions of years before birds But have come to existence.

It is clear that according to evolutionary ideas, it is said that modern birds have evolved from the dinosaurs. This discovery also supports these ideas, as well as tells us that birds had already existed long ago.

This research has been published in the latest release of the "Trends in Ecology and Evolution" research journal.