Defeat in T20 Series; Waseem Akram came out in support of Misbah

Defeat in T20 Series; Waseem Akram came out in support of Misbah

Peshawar: Former Pakistan cricket team captain Waseem Akram has said that Misbah-ul-Haq has recently assumed responsibility for the cricket team, which should be given some time to criticize defeat in two T20 matches. Will do well

Speaking to the media at the CM House Peshawar, Wasim Akram said that his new coach has come his way, Misbah needs to be given time, this is not Sri Lanka's original team but we still lost to them, which is certainly sad but immediately. Neither is it appropriate to respond. Misbah-ul-Haq has recently taken over the cricket team,

which is not right to criticize defeat in two T20 matches, giving them some time will surely do well. Misbah-ul-Haq brought in Umar Akmal and Ahmed Shehzad because he wanted to try out the old players, but if he could not perform, decisions would be made in the future on that basis.

Wasim Akram said that there should be cricket in Peshawar, now cricket from Lahore and Karachi, the talent is here in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. I think after three years the whole team will be here.
Wasim Akram said, "I have been a diabetic for 23 years, but am perfectly fit for treatment and diet.

My father took me to the doctor for the first time for treatment because I was terrified that I might not play cricket." I can. However, I played good cricket and also fit. Food caution is very important that our religion also urges, but we do not take precautions in eating rice or eating meat, eating and sleeping overnight, even though people all over the world are careful about food. To avoid problems.

Wasim Akram said that when I got the disease, myself and my late wife Huma also collected details about it so that it could be taken care of in every way possible. It is certainly a matter of pride for the KP government to provide free insulin, hopefully other provinces of Pakistan will also launch similar projects.