Dead volcano for sale in the UK

Manchester: Wealthy people buy parks and show the whole island by name, but now you can name a whole volcanic mountain surrounded by beautiful vegetation, and they cost $ 60,000 but don't panic. The cold has cooled.

The mountain is called Posbury Clump, located in Devon, England, and can be purchased for just $ 93 million. Its height is 500 feet and 5 acres of charming green vegetation on the sides, surrounded by oak, gul reservoir and other types of trees.

Depending on its location, the volcano is strange on one side and a dense forest on the other. There is also a church and a large village-style house.

The soil here is full of potassium, which makes the whole area a great place for scientific research, which is why scientists come here. The volcano agent's name is Jackson Stops and they can be contacted to buy the Volcano Mount.

Remember that a Chinese man had earlier bought a large piece of sea for his beloved and handed it over to him.