Chopped lips and stools are born or family defects, Dr. Tipu Sultan

KARACHI: Dr. Tipu Sultan, chairman of Sindh Healthcare, said that polio, hepatitis A, B, C, TB, AIDS and other health problems in Pakistan are increasing, repeated use of the same syrup and not qualified doctors The main reason for spreading AIDS is, the use of a headache is used on 4 patients, expressing their views by addressing the awareness program regarding Katrina Lip and Patel's surgery in the Almaty Medical Center.Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Tapan Sultan, plastic surgeon Prof. Dr. Ashraf Gunatra, former Federal Minister for the Chief Minister and Chief Justice, Mustafa Mohammad Hanif Tayyip, and others, presenting the occasion and talking to the media, said that Dr. Katu Sultan said that chopped lips and copper ornaments or Every year, 7,800bbs are born with this problem, due to lack of awareness in poverty and public, the main reason for this problem is that eating a drug addiction occurs during such anxiety. Men should not use chemicals and drug addictions, chopped lips and chest sticks Treatment of surgery is very expensive but many hospitals are doing free operation, Dr. Haji Mohammad Hanif Tayyib said that this year 250 free medical camps have been set up for diagnosis of children suffering from chaos in Talvoor lips, while free treatment of such children also Goes away

The Almaty Medical Center is playing the best role in human service, while 89 thousand operations have been released under the Almaty Medical Center, in this year 2020, this number will reach 1 lakh, separate hospitals for kata lips and palaar surgery. Survivor Dr Ashraf Gunatra said that under the Almaty Society, two people are doing knees of Katrina lips and Talo. In Sindh, while others surgeon Dr. Ghulam Qadir Fayyaz surges in Lahore.

My and his surgery are 50 thousand mixed, he said that when the victims go to the general doctor for surgery, it is said that the child will grow but the age is not told, the pearl and the lip surgery For the age of the child should not be more than one and a half years, the surgery of a child aged from the age of one to one but the sound will not be normal, the purpose of the pearl is that the sound also becomes normal, the surgery of such infant and a half years Inside