The Chinies Lady have face difficulty to eat alive octous in front of camara

China: A famous Chinese blogger in China tested live autocopes live in a live video, after which he had to take it.

This female Chinese video platform is named Kai Shao on 'C Side Girl Little Sone', and she started eating autocopes at the live show, but ended her troublesome lady because Autocopes shook her face. Was it

The first woman calmly told her fans how to see how it is a mirror. After that, the excitement of octopus and the female is that it is painful and I do not remove it.


After all, women succeed in removing the octopus from the face, but they quickly feel that the small piece of skin is separated from the upper portion of their left-hand side. The woman said that my face has become worse and the blood pressure on the face appears to be visible. Women say that I will show him live living in the next video.

In China and East Asian countries there is also a tendency to live animals, especially for seafood etc. But experts insist that hundreds of small 'skies' are under the arm of the octopus, which keep them working with stones. In the event of an attack, Autocopes also defend themselves.

This video is famous in China and people are reacting to it.