Chinese youngman bought a piece of sea for girlfriend

Beijing: Furadad took out the canal of the mountains for lions, but now a Chinese lover bought a vast piece of ocean for her beloved that she could use.

Every year May 20 is celebrated Valentine's day in China, which offers exchange of gifts and Chinese girl got a gift gift in which his friend gave him a 210 hectare wide marine piece. This girl can use this area of ​​the ocean customly, with an open sea and is located near an island in Shenzhen province.

Earlier, it was owned by a fishing company, which now a person named Zeng bought at $ 99,000 or Rs 1.5 crores from the online auction website.

After this gift gift, the lady has shared details on the social media website 'We Chate', which also shares online web site screenshot and pictures of marine pieces.

Apart from this, they have also shared the map of the ocean and the location, but some have called it incredible, and what is the question about how the name of the ocean and its rights can be named?

The lawyer said that the youth bought by the sea is the same as legal, like other countries of the world, owned by the sea and water in China, but can be purchased and used in a part of the ocean.

Apart from this, their rights may also be transit and at any given time during the lease, they may be made or sold to others, however far till now it could not be understood how to use such a large area filled with water.