Chinese scientists make a bicycle without need of rider

Beijing: Technology companies Google and Tesla continue to practice on driverless cars, but Chinese experts have made significant strides in this regard, creating a cycle that can run on its own without a rider. The installed computer system can also operate the bicycle on sound instructions.

As proof, a video has been created in which the bicycle can be viewed on the gestures of sound, turning left and right. This cycle can also be seen crossing obstacles. This is why experts around the world have expressed surprise.

His heart and mind is a computer chip 'Tianjak' that guides the cycle in two different ways. This cycle balances itself very well and runs automatically on sound bills and is also aware of obstacles.

Experts have successfully used both chip issues otherwise it would not have been possible before. This means that this cycle uses both sides of a particular chip. On the one hand, it has machine learning facilities and on the other hand acts like a human brain network.

This research was done by the Center for Brain Inspired Computing Research, located at Tsinghua University. The creators of it say that with just one microchip we have tested several algorithms, processing it on a bicycle model. Further advances in this will help curb the hardware and ride.

Experts around the world have seen this cycle and they say that China is developing rapidly in a new field of 'Artificial General Intelligence', on the one hand the world's latest AI chips are being created and on the other hand artificial intelligence. Has also been created by the NewsCaster.