Children's fees, plastic rugs at Indian school

New Delhi: An indefinite school has been opened in India, where children collect plastic collected from road to school school fees.

Akshar wants to pursue the 'Recovery' process of the school administration recycling, and in this way the concept of 'plastic school fees' has been created. Therefore, the foundation of the Forum was laid in 2016 and the school was opened in a very backward area.

Parents had shown their hesitation in sending their children to school, but the school fees were asked to bring a plastic waste to the house, so some children started to school. People of this area used to burn a large number of plastic and crushed crickets and kept themselves warm. Earlier, the children coming here used to work on the sides or used to break rocks in a nearby factory, which resulted in a daily amount of rupees a day.

Large children in school teach small children and are given symbolic amount. Then, this amount makes school administration buy online items for children including books and clothes.

In addition to teaching in school, children are also told about the environment and plastic losses. Children go home and tell their parents how to burn plastic in order to avoid cold cold. Children spend a lot of time in school and older children teach them.

Children are still studying in school, for them no intranship, college admission or job management will be organized for them. The school also teaches math, English, science as well as panels, photography, carpentry and other matters. That is why 'school-employment' is the main slogan of this school. There were 20 schools first and now more than 110 children are studying here.

Every child has to take 25 pieces of plastic trash in a week. This crude is converted into energetic bricks.

Elegance and affection are included in both the students of the school and now they will set more than 100 schools in India.