Blue Baries also joined the 'Superfoods' race

Glasgow: Recently specialists have revealed in a research that if 150 grams of blue baries are consumed daily, the risk of heart disease can be reduced to15 percent. This is because of the fact that some of the ingredients of the blue baries improves blood flow and remove the stickness  of the veins.

This research has been done by the experts of the University of East Anglezia, with more than 138 female women and gentlemen daily 150 grams of blue baries. People in this study were between 50 and 75 years old. At this time, the cardiac metabolic syndrome or cMS was mentioned in the people, which is seen by diabetes, blood pressure and other diseases that lead to heart disease. This condition first affects blood veins.

After feeding continuous blue berry for six months, experts concluded that the bloomery decreases the severity of veins and increases the blood flow, which reduces the risk of diabetes by 12 to 15 percent.
But Blueberry benefits are not over here. Earlier in London, research showed that regular use of Blue Berry increased 9 percent to children's intellect and mental capacity. In this way, it can play a vital role in making children intelligent.

In addition to this, many other findings have shown that specialized phenomenon in this blood pressure is controlled. Blue berry keeps the skin healthy, strengthens the bones, is very useful in diabetes, and special ingredients present in it are helpful in preventing many types of cancer. In addition to this, Billouriere plays an important role in mental health.