Blinking, The eyelids on the Lip

Pennsylvania: In a fascinating but important medical breakthrough, scientists have developed an artificial eye on the lip that has the ability to blink. But this is not a joke, but it is intended to test new drugs for the human eye in an environment closer to reality as the human eye cells are incorporated into this artificial eye.

It should be noted that it takes at least ten years from the discovery of any compound containing chemicals as a new drug to the approval of the drug as it must pass through various stages. They are tested on live animals, from animals kept in a petri dish, and finally to humans. If these intermediate stages of trying a new drug are shortened and can be directly accessed to human trials, it will not only save a great deal of time, but also significantly reduce the risk of developing a new drug, Currently, between $ 80 million and $ 1 billion.

It has been forty years now that the field of research known as the "lab-on-chip" (lab-on-chip) has developed, and many advances in this field have led to the development of many medical diagnostic and research tools. ۔ Recent developments should also be considered a link in the same series.

According to details in the latest issue of "Nature Medicine", experts at the University of Pennsylvania have developed an artificial eye on the chip after several years of hard work that contains living cells of the human eye and is also equipped with eyelids. Currently it has been tested with a new drug designed to treat dry eye disease; and the results are exactly the same as what may happen to the actual eye.

The way these artificial eyelids blink when applied to a drug is exactly the same as the actual human eye's. Thus the need to try this drug on animals is almost eliminated. In the next step, it will be used to try new medicines for other eye diseases.