The Black Hole, which is worth 40 billion suns!

London: Black holes can be so big that the word for bankruptcy is short. Now experts have discovered the largest black hole historically. Its worth is 40 billion times more than our sun!

This black hole is located in the middle of the galaxy called the Holmberg-15A. The galaxy itself is very spacious and elliptical, about 70 million light years away from our Earth. Thanks to the planets revolving around it, experts have estimated the size of the black hole in it, which is equivalent to 40 billion stars.

Although earlier, the size of the black hole of Holm 15A is estimated at 310 billion suns due to the motions of galaxies and galaxies. However, this black hole was ruled out. But now new research estimates the new deficiency of this black hole, the details of which have been published in the Astrophysical Journal.

This black hole is called 'super mesos black hole' in astronomy. Experts have considered the black hole through the Schwarzschild model and have also been confirmed in a spectral manner. Thus it is also the largest and weighted black hole according to our knowledge. It is thought that it is rapidly consuming many stars and planets, including orbit.

Its event is similar to Horizon's or Schwarzschild's Radius 790 astronomical unit, which makes sense. The galaxy in which it was found does not have so many stars but it is surrounded by stars. Scientists want to model it in the next step to determine how this extraordinary black hole finally came to be.