The best treatment for the joint Pain is 'bay leaf'

The best treatment for the joint Pain is 'bay leaf' 

A Bay leaf or a sharp leaf is commonly used to enhance the taste of food, but it is a wonderful gift of nature that can have numerous medical benefits.

In addition to relieving acute joints pain, it helps to relieve headaches and anxiety and also strengthens the immune system.

We will tell you how to treat joint pain with Bay leaf .

The way to treat acne leaves

1. First find 250 mg olive oil and 30 grams Bay leaf .

2. Crush these leaves with olive oil and dip them in olive oil.

3. Put this mixture in a glass bottle for 2 weeks in a place where no light comes on.

4. Be careful not to lift the bottle before 2 weeks. Just shake the bottle thoroughly after 4 or 5 days and keep it back in the dark.

5. After 2 weeks filter the oil with a fine linen cloth and pour it into another bottle.

6. Keep this bottle in a cool place, and massage it with the oil wherever there is pain, and relieve the pain.

Other Benefits of Bay leaf

1. Bay leaf can also be very helpful in alleviating headaches.

2. Gastrointestinal diseases can be treated with a Bay leaf .

3. Bay leaf oil is a great help for allergies, skin diseases and facial pimples.

4. Faster address also speeds up brain capacity