A basketball player was banned for two years for being "pregnant."

NEW YORK: Fiba, the "global" basketball organization found "pregnant" in a dope test by Donald J. Cooper, a famous American player, has banned him for two years.
According to details, Donald Cooper, a 28-year-old American basketball player, submitted his urine samples for a dope test following a recent international match. When these samples were reviewed in the laboratory, it was found that they contained a substantial amount of protein that was found only in the urine of pregnant women. Following the disclosure, "Faba" officials said that Donald Cooper had submitted to a female urine for a dope test, which she did not know was pregnant.
Donald Cooper was punished by "Faba" officials over the fraud in the Dope Test, saying he would not play basketball at any level for the next two years. According to some sources, Donald Cooper submitted urine samples to his girlfriend for a dope test that they both did not know was pregnant.