The amazing benefits of bay leaves

The amazing benefits of bay leaves

Hair loss affects beauty, an issue that many women and men face, there are numerous causes for hair loss, including poor diet, poor shampoo and essential vitamins in the body. Reductions are top.

As we all know about bay leaves, it can be used to enhance the taste of food, these leaves can be used in addition to eating and can be used to improve human health.

bay leaves are also inexpensive and can be used to treat hair loss.

bay leaves contain vitamin C, phosphorus, iron and calcium supplementation, which are extremely useful in improving hair growth and preventing hair fall.

Let us show you ways you can try to prevent hair loss.

bay leaves and coconut oil

Put the coconut oil in the coconut oil and cook so that the color of the hard leaves changes, then refrigerate it and place it in a bottle. If this oil is massaged twice a week, the hair loss is reduced significantly, if used consistently, the hair loss will be completely eliminated.

Bay leaves water

If your hair is curled and broken very quickly while combing, take water for it in a pot and add zucchini to it. After shampooing the hair, put it on the head well, doing so will stop the hair shiny and break out.