Ali Zafar's brother Daniel Zafar's first music video broke popularity records

LAHORE: The first music video of singer Daniel Zafar, the younger brother of renowned singer Ali Zafar, has sparked the Internet with over a million views on the first day of the release.

Diane Zafar, brother of renowned international singer Ali Zafar, also made several records of success through his first music video 'One and One Two Three', following in his footsteps. The 5-minute and 11-second song video has been viewed more than a million times in just three days, after which their song has been on the list of top notch songs in the music field.

The video of 'One and One Two Three' song is under the supervision of the famous creative director Abdullah while Daniel Zafar not only sang but also composed his lyrics and played a prominent role alongside Haniya Amir in the video. ۔ While those who like this song around the world through the internet say that the music and poetry of the song is very good, the video is very unique and the new generation is giving their opinion on this song. ۔

Daniel Zafar is the author and director of this song and his arrival in the music industry is nothing short of an explosion. "The fusion of Qawwali and Western makers is very different through this song," Daniyal told Express. On the other hand, the reaction of one and three from all over the world is also in front of everyone. I am very happy with it.