Ahad Reza nominated for the International Awards

The talented actor of Pakistan's talented actor, Ahad Raza, has been nominated for the 'Daughter Mitchell Award' to perform the best acting in the 'Theater'.

Drama Serial, a star of faith, "Akhtar Mir, the actor who has won the reputation, is not only the Pakistani poets of iron, but also foreign countries are brightening their names. Ahad has recently been nominated for "Daughter Mitchell Award" on the best acting in the "Hamlet, A Ghost Story".

Regarding his role played in the "Hamilton", Ahad said that my mother had come to see the drama theater, after seeing my performances, she said she could not recognize me and I felt afraid to see this characteristic. Wind At this time I thought I had worked well.
It is clear that the 22-year-old Mitchell Award will be held on June 24 this month.