after 150 year the 7 medical student awarded a degree in uk

London: In the University of Edinburgh, 150 years later, a 7- mediator of the medical event was held. According to the International News Agency, in 1869, admitting tradition in the University of Edinburgh, 7 women rebelled against the controversial culture and tradition of conservative Britain, for the first time, after which the documents were issued after 150 years.

Seven students who were renowned as 'Edinburgh Sone' are no longer available in the world to take their degrees, so the university administration has listened to the seven lovers of present students and represented medals and certificates.
Edinburgh Sone admitted to the university, the UK's men's dominant society got stirred up, conservatives stuck in the way of the students, even the male students erected a regular front against the students.

The oldest women of Britain wishing to get higher education had campaign against gender discrimination, which had full support for the likes of Charles Darwin, which resulted in legislation to allow higher education in women in 1877.

Despite legislation, the difficulties of Edinburgh could not be less and last year, male students in the exam hall scandalized them, and for the next two decades the admission of a woman in Edinburgh for the next two years was found after entering. Male teacher did not agree to teach the students.

Regardless of these women's struggle, eventually brought colors and social barriers in women's education ended, and women educated women were given special importance, however, these 7 Edinburgh students did not complete their studies.

In seven conservative British society, the seven women, who allow higher education for women, are advised Marys Anderson, Emily Browley, Metallica Chaplin, Helen Houses, Sophia Jacques Black, Edith Peach and Isabel Thorne at the special event in the university's Maine-hall hall. Honorable bachelor degree was awarded.

The seven women's degrees received the most capable and capable students of Edinburgh, the memorandum has also been set up in the University on Edinburgh Sone, which highlighted the difficulties and barriers facing women for higher education. Was it