Aerial pollution is rapidly 'old' the Lungs

London: We know that the body's also travels from the age of puberty, and it is a natural process, but now experts have warned that the acceleration of the lungs and the depletion of acne is faster than the air pollution.

Scientists have said after a study that if a person breathes for a year in such an atmosphere where there are 5 micrograms of particles in a square meter, then it is a loss of lung in one year that is in the medical language. Older lips grow older. Thus lung utility reduces.

In the case of air pollution, solid and liquid ingredients are floating in the air. They can include particles, dust, carbon, rock and other types of particles. These are manufactured from fuel, coal, gas, vehicle washers, factories and construction.

If someone is living in a place where there is 10 micrograms of particles per square meter, then the loss will be doubled. In such places respiratory or COPD can be more than four times normal conditions. Residents of such places complain of breathing and chest irritation.

The survey has occurred in the UK and where a million people have been reviewed from a database. The study and the quality of breathing and other tests of the study were taken, which took four years from 2006 to 2010. It also included details of the time spent in the public's career and pollution.

University of Laser's Expert Environment Anna Hasel has done research that the ability of lung to affect air pollution doubles and the risk of COPD increases three times. This condition is seen more in poor and less developed countries.