Aerial pollution can strick and nerrow to blood vessels

New York: The tremendous effects of human health-related pollution are now as bright as daylight, but now a major study has found that the air and pollution of heart disease, which can lead to atherosclerosis and hardness of all the dead, including heart veins.

Due to the constraints of the veins, the blood and other nutritious ingredients do not reach the body properly, and it causes births and diseases. The reason for this is that air pollution is deep and Ozone is the biggest cause. Although veins collect fat, grease and cholesterol etc., which turn veins in the form of a pluck, but now air pollution can also lead to an important role in it.

In this case, Professor Young Wing, professor of the University of Buffalo School of Public Health, told that he has studied 6619 people from 45 to 84 years for a period of six years. It was tried to include people of all color and race.
The research survey aims to discover the relationship between ozone and nervousness, for which numerical models were used. Under this model, it proved that if a person has been facing ozone for a longer period, it can lead to the severity of disease and stress.

The study showed that the veins of Ozone interfere with special cereals, which cause bleeding to the brain, and its two main veins are found on the neck side. He has also noted some of his deaths in his study.

According to experts, ozone reaches our atmosphere from different sources, especially in the dry, hot and sunny days, the amount increases in the atmosphere, as the level of ozone is higher in some countries, and that is why there is a disease and other diseases. The diseases are heading.