Actress Huma Qureshi threatens to leave India after speaking in favor of Kashmiris

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi has been threatened to leave India after speaking the truth against bloodshed in occupied Kashmir and ending Kashmir's special status.

The tyranny of injustice and injustice was underway in the occupied Kashmir by the Modi government that under the so-called conspiracy, Kashmir was now divided into two parts and in the meantime, before the Kashmiris raised their voice against the truth. Army was sent.

The Indian government has seen condemnation from all over the world over the bloodshed played in Kashmir until many artists in their industry have raised their voice in favor of Kashmiris and India is also suffering from intolerance. Began to declare.

Meanwhile, Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi also wanted to be the voice of Kashmiris, so she too was advised to leave India and go to Pakistan.

Hamas Qureshi expressed concern over the termination of Kashmir's special status, saying that everyone has a thought and opinion on the Kashmir issue. I also want to tell you that people of Kashmir's life. , There is absolutely no idea of ​​the bloodshed and the damage it can cause.

Huma Qureshi also said that there are many people, including women, children, elderly and sick people. In this situation, you see yourself in their place, it is a matter of very sensitive nature.

The actress did not like extremist Hindus to support Kashmiris and criticized Hamas Qureshi. Aryan Singh termed the actress' move as propaganda.

A Hindu-like man named Jesu Paswan has opposed Twitter's Huma Qureshi, saying, "People like you break the country".

A user named Rohan criticized him and said that if you do not like India then go to Pakistan.