Abu Dhabi, my property, return to me, claims to be an old self-billionaire leaf

 Reports have also been filed against the old man who filed cases in Abu Dhabi's civil and criminal courts, reports
Abu Tahir (NNI) Arab Emirate's old self-esteem billionaire claimed to have owned Abu Dhabi in the court, according to the Mediterranean, an Arabian billionaire self-esteem billionaire has been living in the lives of Abu Dhabi's citizens. I made the cases on banks and companies. The old billionaire leaf has become solemn that the citizens of Abu Dhabi are illegally occupying the land of their heritage. It is believed that with the help of the jinn, its vegetable possesses gold, silver, alloy, diamond gems. The minor store was moved to Abu Dhabi. It is a past two centuries old story. The poorest Arab citizen whose clothes are dirty and dirty. The inhabitants of Abu Dhabi have started calling it a billionaire billion. This is a case of cases of civil and criminal cases in Abu Dhabi, whereas there are cases against him.