4-day test, voices from Pakistan started to rise in against

4-day test, voices from Pakistan started to rise in against 

4-day test, voices from Pakistan started to rise in against 

KARACHI: Opposition to the 4-day test also raised voices from Pakistan, while Misbah-ul-Haq, the head coach and chief selector of the national team, said it would bring negative thinking to the teams.These days, the proposal to fasten the test match in world cricket is under discussion, with statements in both support and opposition coming up. The final decision will be made in March.

In this regard, Pakistan Cricket Team Head Coach and Chief Selector Misbah-ul-Haq said, "It is not yet clear how the four-day test will be conducted. How many overs will be 90 or 96 in a day, it is unknown at this time, perhaps 110 overs to complete the fifth day." Granted, the important thing is that this will not happen in Asian conditions.

He said that cricket is mostly winter in Pakistan, due to sunset, most of the day, 90 overs are not available. Goes

He said that if reduced to one day, it would be necessary for the teams to have a negative attitude.

Misbah-ul-Haq said that people want to watch a decisive match for 5 days, it also gives them the chance to compensate for the lost overs because of rain, but in Asia and Australia, the fifth day is different and that is the beauty of the game. Although it is possible to have more overs outside Asia and they can do as many overs as possible in 5 days of game 4, there are different pitches and conditions, but for the beauty and greater results of test cricket you need a 5 day match.

The former captain said that in the 4-day test, the workload of the players would also increase. Most teams play with 4 bowlers who only do 15 to 18 overs a day; they can have up to 25 overs per day if the proposal is followed. With a speed of 145,150 km, bowlers will definitely make a difference.

Fans want to see cricketers Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins, Naseem Shah and Shaheen Shah Afridi hitting fast balls, they will be disappointed with the loss of pace, the bowlers may also suffer injury due to over-overs which will affect the career, among them. I also have to take breaks, in my personal opinion, 5-day cricket brings more results and players enjoy it too.

He said that the result of the thrilling match of South Africa and England recently came in the closing moments of the fifth day. It only gets worse, the world cricket organizers have to think carefully about the four-day test.