37% of the population in Pakistan suffer from food shortage, National Servay Report

ISLAMABAD: The National Health Services Survey 2018 has been issued by Ministries National Health Services, which has emerged as an alarming disclosure.

According to private channel, the National National Services Survey 2018 has been released by the National Health Services, which states that 4 out of 10 children are underweight, the number of children is 40.5% in which the number of boys is 40.9 The number of girls and girls is 39.4%.

According to the survey, every third child in Pakistan is also suffering from weight loss, while 9.5% of children is high. The number of children suffering from weight loss during 7 years is doubled. 48.4% of the children are given milk in the country and the trend of breast feeding is in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which is 60.8%.
Survey further said that 36.9 percent of the population is facing shortage of poverty, in this regard Balochistan and FATA are more affected. 50 percent of Balochistan's population is facing poverty shortage of 54.6% in FATA.